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Dr. Haren Pandya is a senior dental implant, laser and oral surgeonpracticing since 14 years in ahmedabad, gujarat,india.
he has graduated from a very reputed institute ,Government dental college & Hospital ,civil hospitAL ,ahmedabad.He is working as a professor in a dental college and a dental implant & consultant oral laser surgeon at various reputed clinics and hospitals in and around ahmedabadand other hospitals and dental clinics in gujarat.

His speciality includes dental implants ,laser dental surgery,wisdom tooth removal,surgical treatment of sub-mucous fibrosis,cosmetic and esthetic laser guided dental treatment,frenectomies,surgery for ill fitting dentures periodontal & other gum surgeries,treatment of facial bone fractures ,dental cysts and tumours, vestibuloplasties,oro-antral fistula closure,closure of intra-oral defects with buccal fat pad grafts and naso-labial flaps.

DR HAREN PANDYA has received intensive training  with IALD(GERMANY) for LASERS.

He is also a member of various associations like IDA,DPS,AOMSI.He is also the Vice-President of the gujarat state dental council.

Dr sejal Pandya is a senior consultant dental surgeon graduated from goverment dental college and hospital ahmedabad ,gujarat,india practicing since 14 years.Dr sejal pandya specializes in the field of cosmetic dentistry, dental implants ,fixed & removable dentures ,crown & bridge,esthetic makeovers,veneers,bleachins ,diamond studding of teeth ,rootcanal treatments and tooh coloured restorations


Patient Reviews

  • Miki Raver

"Dear Dr. Haren Pandya,

Few are the craftsmen who are also artists and even fewer are the artists who are considered craftsmen...read more